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    We have a range of surfboards and stand up paddle boards for sale to suit most people.  

    If you are learning to surf, watch the Learning to Surf series by Bic Sport which includes info about choosing the right board, looking at the weather and water conditions through to advanced turning moves.
    Bic Surfboards Learn to Surf Series

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    For the widest selection of professional quality surfboards, surfers all around Australia including the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast have made the Bic Life line up of surfboards one of the most popular product lines of surfing equipment in Australia. Providing easy riding board shapes, style, value and selection are the cornerstones of a business strategy that has proven very successful for us as well as our legions of satisfied customers.

    The key to our popularity is our wide selection of surfboards that are designed for everyone from the novice learning to surf all the way up to the most experienced surfers wanting to rip the waves. One of our most popular boards for heavy weight riders is the 9’4” ACS Super Magnum. At $559, this board is in the midrange pricewise and is a great board. If there’s no surf light weight riders and kids can use it as a SUP. The shape of the board makes it easy to maneuver through the water and to paddle out through the break. With a polyethylene shell and a foam core, it’s very tough and can take a bit of a beating without being damaged.

    A shorter model for kids to learn on is the 5’10” Bic Surf Fish. While this is a great beginner’s board, it is equally popular with more advanced surfers who like the wide nose and tail that gives this board the maneuverability of a shortboard in small waves. At $349, this board is very affordable as well as attractive, coming in either blue or red tail graphics.

    Surfboards for Sale

    >No matter what which board you decide on, at Bic Life we have a huge selection of options and accessories that will help you to create a unique surfing set up with minimal of cost. While custom surfboards can get to be incredibly expensive, Bic and G-Board have developed shapes that will suit most surfers. This has been done through having legend shapers like Aussies Nat Young and Darrel “Rooster” Dell along with European champ Gerard Dabbadie and Peter Pan and Bob Pearson from America on Bic’s research and design team. We carry a full line of surf leashes ranging in length from six to nine feet long.

    If you like to stand up paddle, we have paddles in adjustable models made of carbon, fibreglass or alloy. We have replacement FCS fins and small or large fins for G-Board. The fins come with screws and key sets. We can also set you up with deck pads that come in grey, camo and white colours.

    As always, if you have questions or need help choosing the right type of accessories for your own particular board and surfing style you can give us a call and talk to our expert staff that are always standing by to assist our customers. In fact, Bic Life came about because of the need for the type of support and products that Australian surfers were looking for. Our online store and easy access through either the phone or internet makes it convenient for our customers to connect with us no matter where they are in the country.

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