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              Price includes: Fins, Nose Protector, Kick Pad & Freight 

5'10" Bic Fish Surfboard
Small wave specialist

AUD$ 339.00

You are going to find a multitude of reasons to use the 5’10” Bic Surf Fish. This is the perfect board for kids to learn on and an alternative to a Mini Malibu or longboard in the small stuff.  Even the most advanced surfers are going to love using this fish

The 5’10” Bic Fish has a great design that is able to offer the buoyancy and the stability of a longboard even though it is in a smaller package. Because it is smaller, surfers will have the same maneuverability that they love from a shortboard. The wide nose and the wide tail, combined with the smaller length are the reasons that this design works so well. 

The Fish comes with either blue or red graphics along the tail. This is a fun board for kids through to advanced surfers. It has a nice price to match.

Length 178cm 5'10
Max. width 51.8cm
Max. Thickness 6.7cm
Weight 4.3kg
Shaper Peter Pan
Fin set-up FCS M-5 (Inside Foil Technology, 111x115mm) included.