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      Price includes: Fins, Kick Pad, Nose Protector & Freight

7'3" Bic Surf Mini Malibu
Easy Rider Mini Malibu

AUD$ 389.00

Those who are looking for a Mini Malibu surfboard with a great price, great construction, and great style to match need look no further than the 7’3” Bic Surf ACS Mini Malibu. The board now comes with deck pads already fitted and it is a great looking board all around. Of course, the performance of the board is even more important than the looks, and the Mini Malibu stands apart from the crowd in this area. 

It is a comfortable board with a nice size to make it easy to paddle through the breaks. While this board can work nicely as an entry-level board for those who have never been in the surf before, advanced riders will also find it is a great board and that it can make some tight turns. The board is durable and going to last for a long time. Best of all, it has a price that’s well within the range of most surfers.  There’s a video review to check out on the video page.

Length 220cm 7'3
Max. width 53.8cm
Max. Thickness 6.7cm
Weight 5.6kg
Shaper Gerard Dabbadie
Fin set-up FCS M-5 (Inside Foil Technology, 111x115mm) included.