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    Price includes: Fins, Kick Pad, Nose Protector & Freight

7'9" Bic Surf Natural Surf 2
Classic Min Mal

AUD$ 439.00

The 7’9” Bic Surf ACS Natural Surf 2 is a great surfboard for many different types of surfers. The board’s versatility makes is very easy to ride and the construction is able to offer a combination of maneuverability and stability. The board is easy to control, and even surfers who are just starting out should be able to catch waves early without too much trouble. From beginners to advanced, it is a great board.

The size is nice for smaller surfers and can be used for beginners up to about 70kg, 95kg for intermediate riders and up to 100kg for advanced riders.  The board is light it is extremely durable. The construction makes it one of the most ding resistant board on the market.

The board has a nose protector and also comes with a deck pad for grip. It makes a perfect board for those who are making the change from longer boards to shorter boards.


Length 238cm 7'9
Max. width 56.5cm
Max. Thickness 7.1cm
Weight 6.7kg
Shaper Gerard Dabbadie
Fin set-up FCS M-5 (Inside Foil Technology, 111x115mm) included.