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    Price includes: Fins, Kick Pad, Nose Protector & Freight

8'4" Bic Surf Magnum
Warning: Surfing can be addictive!

AUD$ 479.00

Those who first learn to surf as adults need to make sure that they have a large enough surfboard to carry their body, especially on those early attempts at paddling to match the speed and power of a wave. The 8’4” Magnum is a board that’s large enough to accommodate riders of just about any size and any skill level.

The volume of the Magnum makes it nice and easy to paddle through the water and out to the waves, even for those who are just starting out and learning to surf. This makes it a perfect board for beginners, as well as intermediate riders, with a price tag that matches. 

The 8’4” Magnum is a nice, mid-sized board that will work well in many different types of surf. Turning is fast and easy, and surfers will have no trouble learning the ins and outs of surfing when they have this board.

Bic now install a kick pad on the 8'4" for extra grip and comfort.

Length 254cm 8'4
Max. width 59.1cm
Max. Thickness 8.2cm
Weight 7.8kg
Shaper Peter Pan
Fin set-up 2+1 (1 US-box 20cm + 2 FCS G-L 87x93mm) included.