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9'4" Bic Surf ACS Super Magnum
The Big Easy

AUD$ 559.00

No matter what your surfing ability, you want to have a surfboard that can give you a great experience, the 9’4” Bic Surf Super Magnum is a great option. No matter the size of the rider, the board is able to provide an easy ride in the surf. The size helps to make this board stable and simpler to use than some of the smaller boards out there.

Getting onto waves as a beginning rider can be intimidating, but not with the 9’4” Bic Surf Super Magnum. Like all the Bic Longboards, the Super Magnum glides smoothly and is easy to turn. Beginning surfers will love how easy the board is to ride.

The board is also durable thanks to the high quality construction, so it’s going to last and it doesn’t damage easily. It is a perfect, affordable board for anyone who wants a nice cruisy ride.


Price Incl: Fin, Kick Pad, Nose Protector & Freight  

Length 9'4" / 285cm 9'4
Max. width 27.5" / 70cm
Max. Thickness 3.75" / 9.6cm
Weight 12.5 kg
Shaper Peter Pan
Fin set-up FCS Dolphin 10"