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7'6" Performer Surfboard
Performance perfection!

AUD$ 799.00

The 7’6” Performer has what every surfer wants out of a board – versatility combines with performance and long lasting durability. This board has it all, and more! It is no wonder this board is known as the Performer. The board is stable and easy to ride, just like a longboard, but it has design elements and handling that it reminiscent of a shortboard.

The size of the 7’6” Performer makes it ideal for many different types of surf conditions, from small waves to large. Beginners will be able to use the lightweight board easily when they are just learning to surf. However, the board’s versatility means that it can work well for advanced surfers too.

The tech behind the board, including the foam core wrapped in fiberglass sheets and thermoformed styrene polymer coating, help to make this board a true standout on the market today. The board has a distinctive yellow strip near the nose. Bic Surf use FCS fins as standard.  What more do you want?

Click on the pic for video action.

Length 228cm 7'6
Max. width 54cm
Max. Thickness 7.0cm
Weight 5.7kg
Shaper Gerard Dabbadie
Fin set-up FCS M-5 (Inside Foil Technology, 111x115mm)