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9'0" Bic Longboard
Classic Longboard

AUD$ 899.00

If you have been hunting for a perfect board to take out for some smaller waves and also thrilling swells, then the Classic Longboard is one that you will want to highly consider! The board is a nice choice for those who have been riding the waves for years, as well as those who are just starting out in the sport and want something that’s not too difficult to ride.

The 9’0” Longboard has the best of both worlds. It handles like a dream, but is still offers all of the stability that you would need and expect from a longer sized board. In addition to the nice volume that helps to stabilize the board, you will also find that the construction is high quality. This board is durable, and it is going to last through many years of waves and swells. The board features a thick red stripe along the top of the board near the nose section.

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Length 276cm 9'0
Max. width 56.8cm
Max. Thickness 7.0cm
Weight 7kg
Shaper Gerard Dabbadie
Fin set-up 2+1 (1 US-box 20cm + 2 FCS G-L 87x93mm)