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9'4" Noserider Longboard (Nat Young)
The Legend's Board

AUD$ 899.00

Most people who are around surfing know the name Nat Young. Even those who are just beginning and learning about the sport will have heard the name of the five-time world champion, and this board bears that legendary name! The 9’4” Nat Young, designed by Young’s friend Darrell “Rooster” Dell, is a perfect board for those looking for a quality longboard.

The Nat Young board is a nice option for intermediate surfers as well as advanced surfers who want to have a quality board that offers a great design, ease of use, and surprising manoeuvrable. It's easy to go from rail to rail with a rolled V section under foot and at the nose it's lightly concaved with conventional rails and then goes in to a flattened area.

The blue stripe on the board, the beautifully crafted and smartly designed features, and the overall performance of the Nat Young board make it a natural choice. Quite a bit went into crafting a board that even the world champion approves, and once you ride the board you will see just why it’s one of Young’s favorites!  Watch the 9'4" Surfboard Review or click on the pic to watch the board in action.

Click on the pic for video action.

Length 285cm 9'4
Max. width 57.8cm
Max. Thickness 7.6cm
Weight 7.5kg
Shaper Darrell "Rooster" Dell
Fin set-up 2+1 (1 US-box 24cm + 2 FCS G-L 87x93mm)