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5'6" G-Board Surfboard
Small Kids Surfboard

AUD$ 349.00

If you have a child who wants to learn how to surf, you are eventually going to need to buy a board. For those smaller youngsters with dreams of waves in their hearts, the 5’6” Kid from G-Boards is a perfect solution. The price is right, and it comes in a bright orange so your little one never has to fear losing sight of it in the waves.

The size of the board is perfect for the little ones who want to get out and surf and who still aren’t quite big enough to handle a larger board. Learning on the smaller board is also going to provide them with an advantage when it comes to learning maneuvers on short boards later!

The board is ideal for those children who weigh less than 40kg. The board also happens to be durable, so it should have no trouble handling just about anything a kid can do in the waves.

Length 168cm 5'6
Max. width 49cm
Max. Thickness 9cm
Fin set-up Soft Single