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7'6" G-Board Classic Surfboard
Tried & Tested Design for Easy Riding

AUD$ 495.00

The 7’6” Classic is one of those boards that seem to have just about everything that a beginner is going to need when learning how to surf properly. It has an ideal size and shape for surfers up to 70kg's, and it is a durable board that can stand up to some punishing waves and getting tossed around in the surf. The board also has great handling, so riders will be able to learn how to deal with all different types of waves and situations on the water.

The size of the board is good for many different types of beginner riders, both men and women, of varying ages. The price for the board is very reasonable, and you can find it with three different colour schemes. Choose from red, pink, or blue depending on your stylistic preferences.

The board features the classic styled design of the boards that are tried and tested for years, but updated technology will ensure that these boards are going to last!


G-Boards Classic Range

Length 229cm 7'6
Max. width 54.3cm
Max. Thickness 7.0cm
Fin set-up Soft Thurster