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Stand Up Paddle Boards

Stand Up Paddle Boards for Sale in Perth, Gold Coast, Sydney and Australia wide. Bic Life offers reputed stand up paddle boards from well established brands.

Stand Up Paddle
Great Manoeuvrability & Stability
Leading Edge Board Technology

Cheap Stand Up Paddle Boards Melbourne

While the surfing and kayaking items we offer at Bic Life are not cheap, we believe we offer the highest quality surfing and water sport products that you will find anywhere. When looking for stand up paddle boards, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast surfers know they will get the best boards with the after sales support that they are looking for.

One of our best selling surfboards is the 7’9”Bic Surf ACS Natural Surf 2. At $449, this board offers value, quality and performance at a mid range price point. This board is a very versatile model that appeals to a wide range of surfer capability and experience and we would recommend this model even for beginners as it is one of the easiest boards to get up on. Great manoeuvrability and stability make this board a hands down favourite for beginners or the advanced surfer. This board comes with a nose protector and comes with either blue or red striping.

For gals, we recommend the 6’7” Bic Surf ACS Wahine ripping board. At only $349, this board provides speed as well as handling in bigger waves and is one of the best choices women surfers can make in a shortboard. Since it is on the longer end of the shortboard range, it is an easier board to transition to if you are going from a longer board down to a shortboard.

For stand up paddle boards, Sydney surfers will find the right board at the right price with Bic Life.

Paddle Boards for Sale Australia

No matter if you are looking for the best in surfboards or stand up paddle boards, Perth surf lovers as well as water sports enthusiasts all over Australia have come to depend on the Bic Life and Bic Sport’s names for quality, leading edge board technology and value. Since our inception in 1979 Bic have been exclusively dedicated to surfing and water sports. With Bic’s headquarters in Brittany France, their origin is actually based on the sport of wind surfing. Bic have diversified their product lines over the years to cover almost all of the equipment used in water sports such as surfing, kayaking, dinghies and sailboards. They have learned over the years that there is no substitute for quality in materials, manufacturing, and design. As part of their focus on manufacturing excellence, they have, and will continue to focus on developing increasingly efficient manufacturing processes that support our strategy of environmental responsibility. In their manufacturing facility in Brittany they have over 25,000 square meters of factory space where they employ two basic methods of board manufacturing; thermoforming and heat extrusion.

When you order a product from us, we will make every effort to make sure your item arrives in “like new” condition. Our shipping costs as stated online are our best estimates, if the actual shipping costs are going to be more than what was stated, we will contact you before shipping to get your approval. If the costs are less, we will ship at the lower price. Please allow 10 days for delivery.