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Other sizes available: 9'4    11'4

10'4" Dura-Tec SUP
Durable Versatile Paddling

AUD$ 899.00

The 10’4” Dura-Tec SUP is a wonderful stand up paddle board that is a great choice for those who are just beginning to learn how to paddle on these boards. However, it’s a nice option for intermediate riders who have been riding for a while. The board is ideal for riders up to about 85kg. The length and the width of the board make it easy for riders to stand and maintain their balance while paddling. The 10’4” SUP is a stable board that works great on flat water, and it can even handle small waves without a problem.

The board includes an FCS fin system, carry handle and deck pad for grip to assist in draining water away from your feet. The board features a simple logo and a gray, white, and blue color scheme.  Add a paddle to your board that matches your budget from the great range in surf accessories.

Price Incl: Board, Deck Pad, Fins & Freight



Length 10"4'/315cm 10'4
Max. width 31"/79cm
Max. Thickness Volume: 175L
Weight 16kg
Shaper Peter Hosking
Fin set-up Single Fin FCS Dolphin 10"