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11' Ace-Tec Wing
Fun Touring & Recreational SUP

AUD$ 1399.00

Designed for easy paddling with excellent gliding ability and nicely balanced for stability, the Bic 11’ Wing is fantastic for getting out on the water whether you are into fitness paddling, recreational paddling in bays and on lakes and rivers. It is great for touring and down winders in the sea also.

Made from Bic’s durable Ace-Tec construction, it is lightweight for it’s length and is ideal for launching off your pontoon if you’re lucky enough to live on a canal or river.

The blue is nicer in real life.  More like Baby Blue crossed with Turquoise: a very desirable board.

Price Incl: Board, Deck Pad, Fin & Freight

See Surf Accessories for Paddles & Leg Leashes

Length 11'0" / 335cm 11' Ace-Tec Wing
Max. width 29" / 73.5cm
Max. Thickness 220L
Weight 12.5kg
Shaper Patrice Remoiville
Fin set-up FCS SUP Touring 9"