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Other sizes available: 9'6   10'6

11'6" Ace-Tec Performer SUP
Enjoy a Longboard feel on your SUP

AUD$ 1299.00

A large stand up paddle board can make learning to paddle much easier than some of the smaller boards do. The larger boards such as the 11’6” Ace-Tec Original SUP are able to handle larger riders. The board has a size and shape perfect for riders up to 110kg. Since the volume of the board is spread along the length of the board evenly, it provides perfect balance.

Users will discover that the board is very easy to handle in flat water, and it is even easy to maneuver when you enter the surf zone. The large board could be a nice solution for a family that has members of different sizes and that wants to have a single board that everyone will be able to use. The board is strong and can stand up to quite a bit of use.

The 11’6” Ace-Tec Original SUP has an FCS fin system, a nice carrying handle to get the board in and out of the water, and Bic's diamond groove deck pad.  The diamond groove allows water to drain freely from around your feet and gives exceptional grip.This board is packed with fun for the whole family.

Price Inc: Board, Deck Pad, Centre Fin & Freight


 Paddles & Leashes

    Total price (including tax): 1299.00
Length 11'6" / 350cm 11'6
Max. width 32.5" / 82cm
Max. Thickness Volume: 215L
Weight 13.5kg
Shaper Peter Hosking
Fin set-up FCS Dolphin 10" + slots for FCS side bites