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12'6" Ace-Tec Wing
SUP for Cruising, Fitness and Fun

AUD$ 1499.00

Bic’s 12’6” WING SUP is designed for touring, cruising, recreational racing, fitness paddling and down winders on flat water or the open ocean.  It has 9 deck clips, which means you can store gear on longer trips.

The WING SUP has excellent glide ability making in easy to ride. The stability is achieved with a flat section under the position where the paddler stands. The Wing SUP cuts through chop with ease too because of the bow ‘vee’ shape. This allows the board to keep its momentum with no loss of forward speed. 

The standing position on the deck is recessed so you can brace your feet to help balance and control.  The deck also has Bic’s quality diamond grooved deck pad for comfort. The daimond groove alows water to drain off the board from around your feet and provides great grip.

A fantastic board to add to your quiver for touring, fitness and down winders.

Price Incl: Board, Deck Pad, Fin & Freight


Length 12'6" 12'6
Max. width 30" / 76cm
Max. Thickness 285 L Volume
Weight 15.5kg
Shaper Patrice Remoiville
Fin set-up FCS Hatchet 10"